Kinesiology Taping

Kinesiology tape, also known as KT tape, is a thin, stretchy tape that adheres to the skin and applies pressure to the surrounding tissues. It’s designed to enhance performance and reduce the impact of injury or muscle imbalance.

Here are some ways kinesiology tape works:

  • Stabilizes the injured area: The tape lightly adheres to the skin, allowing the connective tissue to move with the body.
  • Stimulates muscles: The tape imitates the skin’s elasticity, which sends signals to the nerves to activate the muscles.
  • Improves circulation: The tape helps blood flow to the area, increasing oxygen and reducing inflammation and swelling.
  • Helps the lymphatic system: The tape helps drain waste products like lactic acid, which can help muscles perform better.
  • Lifts skin: The tape slightly lifts skin, providing extra space for swollen muscles.
  • Promotes healing: The tape may lead to health benefits such as increased circulation, reduced swelling, less muscle or joint pain, better muscle function, and movement.

Kinesiology Taping for Your Needs

I have been using kinesiology tape on myself and my clients for a while now and I have been impressed with the results. After application, you are able to wear kinesiology tape for up to 5 days straight. Most therapeutic solutions help in the moment and then fade as the day and week goes on. With KT tape, the therapeutic benefit lasts 24/7 for up to 5 days.

I have noticed the following benefits from myself and clients:

  • Improved Sleep
  • More Stability
  • Better Range of Motion
  • Less Physical Restriction
  • Decreased Pain
  • Better Lifting Form and Technique

You can perform your normal activities while wearing KT tape including lifting, cardio exercise, showering and much more.

Experience the Benefits of Kinesiology Taping

I am now including KT taping with any personal training service I provide. But I am also provide KT taping as an additional service as well. I find the best way to experience the most benefits from KT taping is to have a Functional Movement Assessment prior to having KT taping. But this is not a requirement.


KT Taping is included as needed with any personal training service I provide. I also offer this as an additional service. Pricing can be found in the shop selection of the main menu under Kinesiology Taping or by clicking here:

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