Boxing Fitness

Boxing fitness combines cardio with the resistance of punching target mitts and punching bags to add an intense, yet fun workout that delivers you the results that you’re after! The focus in this workout is to use boxing fitness to allow you to reach your goals with the added benefits that boxing brings. These include aspects of self-defense, increased strength endurance, improved muscle tone, expanded cardiovascular capacity just to name a few. The best part is this intense workout is also the most fun workout that you’ll ever experience!

This program can be done anywhere!

The boxing fitness program can be combined with any other type of training I offer and can be done in your home, office, local park or in my home studio. As with any other program I offer, the boxing fitness program is completely custom designed to fit your needs, your current level of boxing knowledge and current fitness level.

How it works:

Most of the boxing fitness training is performed with target mitts (that I hold), boxing gloves that I provide and boxing wraps that are yours, which are included when you sign up for the program.

Note: if you continue long-term with the boxing fitness program, I will make suggestions on boxing gloves you might want to purchase along with other boxing equipment that will enhance your enjoyment and results.

A sample program

Your program will be specifically designed and adjusted based on your goals, fitness level, boxing abilities and any potential physical limitations.

  • Punch basics
  • Boxing footwork
  • Transitions from offense to defense
  • Boxing cardio drills
  • Punch combinations
  • Defensive drills
  • Simulated sparing

Maximize your results!

  • The best workouts to get extremely fit!
  • One of the most enjoyable workouts
  • Fast results – Get extremely fit!
  • All levels welcome – from beginner to advanced

You will learn:

  • Actual boxing combinations
  • How to move
  • How to throw each punch with good form and technique
  • How to defend against all different punches
  • How to keep your guard up
  • How to transition quickly from offense to defense and back to offense.


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