Functional 6-Pack Program

Strengthening your abdominals is supposed to bring the aesthetics that most people aspire to achieve along with the security that your back will be protected from pain and injury. The sad truth is that most ab programs give a false sense of security to protect you back, even if you’re able to achieve the “6-pack” look you are aspiring to achieve.

To achieve a “functional 6-pack” that gives the aesthetics that you’re looking for while also protecting your back, improving your posture and helping your move better, you must incorporate an approach that engages your abdominals while performing other movements such as squatting, bending and twisting. This way, your abdominals are able to stabilize your core while you are moving with mechanics that you would during normal daily activities. Laying on the ground and performing a ton of crunches may give you some aesthetics. But this won’t protect your back!

How the Functional 6-Pack Program Works:

The first step with the program is to determine the areas within your core region that needs to be strengthened and the areas that need to be stretched. This starts the process of balancing your core muscles out. During the initial stages, we may (and often do) need to isolate certain muscles to strengthen them without engaging other muscles that will take over the movement.

Once we start the balancing process of the entire core, we will incorporate other areas of the body during the workouts to improve how your body moves in a functional manner.

The key with being a functional program is that the program focuses specifically on your needs and your goals. A program is only functional for you if it improves how you move, look and feel!

Maximize Your Results!

  • Develop areas of your abdominals that are currently weak
  • Incorporate your abdominals with the rest of your body to move better
  • Reduce the risk of pain or injury
  • Improve your postural alignment
  • Look and feel the best you have in years!

You will Learn:

  • How to develop each area of your abdominals
  • How to sequence your abs to maximize the benefits
  • How to improve your posture through your abdominal training
  • Where your starting point is to maximize results and minimize injury risk


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