Aaron Robinet – Owner/Head Coach

CHEK Integrated Movement Specialist Level 2
CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 3
NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist

Aaron’s Background

When I was in high school, I had the ultimate dream of playing professional baseball. I was self-driven and loved every aspect of the sport. However, after I graduated from high school, I realized I was burned out. This led me to quit my passion and dream.

Once I quit my dream, I was forced to get on with my life. This comes with creating a life of bills and responsibilities while my own passions took a backseat. With this, I stopped regular exercise and my food choices got faster as that seemed the easier choice at that time. With those choices, I gained weight. At my heaviest, I weighed over 270 pounds! This left me looking for answers as to how I could lose this weight I had gained. I started searching for the quick fix and any short cut I could find. I experienced one failure after another and started to believe I did not have the ability to overcome my health and weight challenges.

Aaron’s Personal Wellness Journey

This was a tough time in my life and it seemed almost impossible to lose the weight I had gained. The biggest challenge wasn’t overcoming the physical weight. It was the mental aspects of the process I had put myself through. I had many disempowering beliefs that held me back such as, I was just a big guy and this was the way I was built. Or that I had to punish myself for allowing my body to get into this state. What I didn’t realize at the time was that my weight was the physical manifestation of the mental state I was in without a direction to guide me or the belief in myself that I could turn my weight challenge around. Even when I finally experienced some results and I was able to lose weight, I did this through the extremes of extensive exercise and crazy diets. This led me to lose weight but without having any energy to take part in the activities I enjoyed!

These results I started seeing were through putting in the “hard work” of lots of exercise in the form of training for marathons with a combined deficit of calories. Yes, I did see results with this approach but I also found that my energy was in a constant state of depletion, I seem to always have some nagging pain and my low back started hurting. Not exactly the picture of health and I wasn’t really in a state to enjoy the results I was achieving. I was also locked into the pattern of needing to run a lot of miles each and every week just to maintain my weight loss. I was running an average of 30 miles per week while strength training at least 5 days per week. If I let off on the miles or the strength training sessions, my weight would rise. Even with all that work, I was still maintaining an extra 8-10 pounds more than when I graduated from high school.

Aaron’s Turnaround!

Through my struggles to overcome my excess weight, I went through a period of low back pain. This was a frustrating time as I did not have any single incident that led to my low back pain. Through my research and education, I found many deficiencies in my movement, daily habits, nutrition, and elevated stress loads that had led me to have low back pain. The best part for me personally was, by addressing these issues, they not only eliminated my low back pain, they have made it much easier to eliminate my weight challenges and improved my overall health!

Now that I’m in my early 50’s, I’m at an age that many people are told you can’t lose weight anymore, you should expect to feel pain, lose the ability to move like you did just a few years ago, experience chronic low energy and many other health challenges due to your age. I will tell you from personal experience, all of the “you are at the age” talk is not true at all. It’s a matter of finding where your body is deficient and addressing these deficiencies with a specific approach for your specific needs.

I’m here to tell you, don’t let anyone make you believe that you can’t overcome your challenges or discourage you in any way!

Aaron’s Off-time

Although fitness and exercise are now a lifelong passion of mine, I have worked to create more balance in my life. I am a published author with my first book: Athlete Unleashed (there is a link to the right). I am currently working on my second book which is a fiction work this time. I am really enjoying the process of writing this second book and this has brought out more creativity in me than I ever knew I had. 

My other passion which is in the fitness industry is creating and posting videos for athletes which can be found on my YouTube channel Athletic Power and Performance (there is a link below). 

My other activities include hiking, paddleboarding, biking, traveling and of all things, putting puzzles together. Each of these (outside of the puzzles) I enjoy doing with my wife. She does not share my excitement for puzzles, although she occasionally finds a piece to put into place here and there.  

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