Functional Movement Assessment + Workout Program + Three Personal Training Sessions


Complete in person physical assessment to uncover underlying issues and to determine your starting point, program based on the results and three training sessions to get you a jumpstart.


This is an in person, complete physical assessment of the key factors to determine your starting point and discover many underlying issues. This assessment includes a postural overview, spinal position and spinal movement, upper and lower body flexible range of motion, movement analysis, and core functional analysis. With the assessment, we will have the ability to determine any deficiencies in stability, movement and postural alignment that lead to low back pain and injury. This assessment is the basis for developing a comprehensive program to overcome most any issue so that you can get the maximum results in the minimum amount of time!

Once completed, this assessment includes a comprehensive program designed based on the assessment results and your fitness goals. This option includes 3 private training sessions to guide you through the workout program to ensure that you get your best results.


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